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                Regular professional small crane manufacturers.

                With the development of the society, all kinds of construction projects, check that the maintenance and construction to decorate Small crane demand is also more and more big, the corresponding manufacturers demand is also more and more.But now a lot of small crane manufacturers don't have the special equipment manufacturing license, so GeChang small crane manufacturing standards is also different, even some manufacturers in order to hold down prices preempted market, compress the manufacturing cost, small crane not guaranteed the performance of the quality and safety, cause all kinds of safety accidents.

                The appearance of small crane sheet size, quality, frame size, thickness, and the size of the wheel crane boom, the rationality of the hydraulic performance of the system, the structure of the body weight, and so on are not quite same, does not have a unified standard.There is one of the most serious problem, most manufacturers are now using cycling do mobile crane chassis, for the customer is not very good this will generate some select error, because the automobile chassis may be the same but lifting system can make a big difference, frame size, plate thick, arm length, and so on have very big difference.

                So many clients think the chassis as the small crane hoisting, homework radius and head are the same, this is wrong.Which is the focus of the customer should really be considered.And not only consider how much money a few tons of car, many clients will go to the factory consultation, you how much is this a few tons of crane, others just how much money, and finally chose a hoisting high price low, so it's too hasty.Car and the car is not the same, the choose and buy small crane or want to small crane performance as a reference.

                Small crane sales market is confusion, there are direct manufacturers, distributors, agents, and even some criminals in the name of manufacturer to deceive customers, so that customers from Internet to telephone consultation to also can have very different, the price of some is a normal offer, and some are for some reason the quotation (the price will be lower).Customer serious judgment will be needed, at this time in here small make up recommend to regular, have a production license, operating time long manufacturers to choose and buy.Lest appear crane performance does not accord with description or without after-sale, spent money bought a result can't use the equipment, cause damage.

                Small crane belongs to the special operation equipment, engaged in the production of small crane manufacturers must be issued by the state of the special equipment manufacturing license and relevant type test certificate, or production of crane quality not guaranteed, to the customer caused economic losses.Automobile chassis itself has two certificate, this is the car manufacturer is not crane manufacturer, to pay attention to this, lest be deceived.

                Small crane boom is an important standard of judge small crane, zhengzhou branch step technology co., LTD. Of the small crane produced by using five arm edges, compared to many on the market square, u-shaped cross section, more solid and reliable arms.Improve the crane, high lifting height by a big margin in case of lifting performance, and also improve the reliability and stability of the small crane.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd. is China's domestic engaged in the narrow space with mini crawler crane production research of professional manufacturers.The company produces the mini crawler crane with independent intellectual property rights, and has a number of mini crawler crane patent production technology.

                Products are mainly used in the narrow space of the car engine workshop equipment maintenance, electric power maintenance, chemical workshop maintenance, building curtain wall installation, the construction of the high speed rail station, and cemetery stone industry situations in the narrow space.If you are interested in our products, please call: 0371 6371 6261

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