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                Kebu spider crane helps city construction

                From building bridges and roads, to building greening, to farmland reconstruction, and 5G base station construction, small and medium-sized cranes have found a broad stage to show their talents in various scenes of infrastructure construction. As a domestic manufacturer dedicated to miniature crawler cranes, Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co., Ltd. has participated in urban construction with high-quality, high-performance products and high spirits.


                Recently, at the construction site of the park near the Yangtze River Bridge, two yellow machines like spiders performed exceptionally well. Their task is to extend the boom on the Yangtze River Bridge and lower the gondola to a fixed area for the construction staff to work.

                The load-bearing capacity of the bridge deck itself is limited, and ordinary lifting equipment cannot be used due to its own weight; under the bridge or the uneven rocks or turbulent water flow, the space is limited and very dangerous, and it cannot be completed by manpower alone. This is where the spider crane shows its skills. when.

                The Kebu KB3.0 spider crane has a dead weight of 2 tons and is compact and lightweight, which perfectly adapts to the load-bearing capacity of the bridge deck. Its boom is more than nine meters, which means that it can extend to the edge of the building after it is extended, and work in narrow and confined spaces; and the 360-degree rotating boom combined with the skilled operation of the operator can accurately grasp the position and support it. The hanging basket ensures that the staff can install the equipment safely and quickly.

                Since its establishment, Kebu Technology has participated in construction projects all over the country. In the future, Kebu Technology will still stick to its originality, take time as the proof, uphold its original intention, continue to reform and strive forward, and empower the city with better products and services. Let the beauty land.

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