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                Kebu technology has won many honors with its exquisite technology and advanced technology. Kebu technology regards quality as life and customers as god. Users are everything to us. We will always follow the quality policy of being responsible for every working procedure, every product and every user, and serve the users wholeheartedly. We will do everything for your benefit. We are convinced that: dedication to you a sincere heart will also get a sincere return!

                Cobb employees have established a good service philosophy: timely maintenance of user equipment failure; Pre-sales to provide users with project design, process design; Make equipment purchase plan for users; Quality products to provide; Patient and considerate user training; Timely and effective fault maintenance and customer testing to solve difficult processing problems.

                • purpose
                  enterprise tenet

                  Honesty is the foundation of quality

                • concept
                  Service concept

                  Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

                • service
                  Service tenet

                  Be responsible for every process

                  Responsible for each product

                  Be responsible to every user

                Service commitment
                • Pre-sales service:To provide you with project design, process design, suitable for your machinery and equipment selection plan, according to your special needs, design and manufacture products, for your training of technical operators.
                • In-sale service:Accompany you to complete the acceptance of the equipment, assist in the development of construction plans and detailed procedures.
                • After-sales service:The company sent technicians to the site to guide equipment installation, debugging and training operators.
                24 hours telephone service, holiday service as usual.
                Foreign agent
                The company has been adhering to the "customer demand as the center, customer satisfaction as the goal" user service guidelines, not customers to bring the best products and services, to achieve the common interests of customers, employees, partners, shareholders and the region, and strive to "make professional classics", to achieve "customer satisfaction" as the eternal pursuit.
                • regionContact person (agent)contact
                • JapanKatayama YuFu0081 903 954 3847
                • AustraliaMr. Li0061 450 900 812
                Online Message