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                Is it fuel saving or destruction?

                Hydraulic oil is the use of liquid pressure can use of the hydraulic system of hydraulic medium, in the hydraulic system plays an energy transfer, anti-wear, lubrication system, anticorrosive, antirust, cooling, and so on.The oxidation, anti-wear performance, can not meet the requirements, etc will affect the adhesive Small crane Normal use, more serious will cause safety accidents.

                Under normal circumstances, small crane hydraulic components after 2000 hours of work carried out on the hydraulic oil change, but change the cost of the hydraulic oil is not cheap, general thousands of yuan of above.However, most of the owner or small crane drivers think it is not necessary, main not what's the problem, will discuss with can also save some money.Even after using small crane without replacing the hydraulic oil from the start.

                In numerous hydraulic system failure, great majority is caused by hydraulic oil pollution, deterioration.Once appear, fault, light delay time limit for a project is a waste of time, or cause an accident tragic outcome.Wish you the owner or small crane drivers in mind, don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

                In fact most of the time we can not accurately know the hydraulic oil should be replaced?Had to replace the hydraulic oil?In time and do not need to change the hydraulic oil should be regularly inspect the hydraulic oil, see if its use mark, can continue to use.If has the oxidation, you need to change in time or add one or more compounds, to improve the hydraulic characteristics, so it can continue to play a role, if you add too many compounds in hydraulic oil viscosity is too high to dilute, identification methods of hydraulic oil viscosity generally has two kinds:

                1. Vessel inversion method: remove the fuel tank of hydraulic oil and standard hydraulic oil resolution in two of the same size transparent bottle, cover and tighten.Put good, the quality of two inverted side by side to observe the velocity of bubble rising in the bottle, if the detection velocity of bubble rising in the hydraulic oil in the bottle than standard hydraulic oil bubble rising speed in the bottle that tested the hydraulic oil is lower than standard hydraulic oil viscosity;On the other hand, the high viscosity.If the hydraulic oil and gas bubble rising velocity of the two bottles, shows similar viscosity, do not need to be diluted.
                2. Glass plate tilt method: take a clean piece of glass plate, level, will be testing the hydraulic oil dripping on the glass plate, at the same time beside a drop standard hydraulic oil, tilted glass observation of flow velocity and distance of the two.If the flow velocity and flow of hydraulic oil to be measured distance is larger than the standard hydraulic oil, its viscosity is lower than the standard oil, the opposite shows its viscosity is higher than the standard oil.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd.  Is China's domestic engaged in the narrow space with mini crawler crane production research of professional manufacturers.Company production of mini crawler crane with independent intellectual property rights, patent number: ZL 2009 2009 X.And has a number of mini crawler crane patent production technology.Products are mainly used in the narrow space of the car engine workshop equipment maintenance, electric power maintenance, chemical workshop maintenance, building curtain wall installation, the construction of the high speed rail station, and cemetery stone industry situations in the narrow space.If you are interested in our products, please contact us, the hotline: 0371-6371, 6261

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