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                How does the small crane rust?

                Rusty phenomenon is iron products long exposure to air and oxygen oxidation reaction happened, or being the oxygen in the water erosion become oxide.

                Small crane steel structure corrosion reason has a number of factors, such as: long time exposed to air, protection is not completely lead to come into contact with the air liquid steel structure;Chemical corrosive medium is in the air;Sun, climate changes in temperature change, rain, dew, mold erosion and mechanical impact resulting paint layer destruction, etc.

                If you don't take the problem seriously, then the rust will speed up development, finally will affect the strength and rigidity of small crane steel structure, shorten its service life and may even cause safety concerns.So small crane must be rusty reason analysis and take practical and effective protection measures.

                1. According to the job site terrain environment, small crane operations position as far as possible in the erosion of gas plant uptake, that erosion gas for a long time not contact with small crane steel structure.
                2. Before spraying paint small crane steel structure, it is necessary to clean up any oil on the surface of the component, rust, scale, welding slag, corrosive dusts and other attached objects.Using correct effective descaling methods, such as artificial derusting, pickling, sand blasting derusting, etc., until the surface of the steel structure above silver, this will increase the paint adhesion on the surface of the layer and steel structure, and then in the paint spraying.If because of the collision causes the paint layer are destroyed, after carefully clean up the surface impurities touch-up in a timely manner.
                3. Small crane to pay attention to when spraying paint spraying primer first and then spray paint surface, colleagues according to their chemical properties in the paint bottles, choose the right paint, between the primer and topcoat better together, don't fall off.Such as ethylene perchloride poor adhesion on the surface of steel structure, and the etch primer or iron red primer, to get good protection effect.
                4. In general, small crane paint coating is finally behind the cutting, ease, riveting process, the order must not be upside down, so as not to damage the paint layer.When paint spraying in a well ventilated inside for as far as possible, avoid the rain, fog, snow, sand, open outdoor spray.According to the properties of the paint and the environment, brush or spray, make durable paint layer.Preferably in a temperature between 15 ° to 35 ° c c situation, otherwise the effect will be much worse.
                5. In the process of small crane operations at ordinary times, should also regularly check the paint layer, if found urban luster on the surface of the paint layer by 90%;Rough surface, weathering desiccation by 25%;Paint surface blister or mild steel structure corrosion situation in a timely manner touch-up.

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