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                What are the preparations for the small crane operation?

                Small crane is a kind of special operation of mechanical equipment, widely used in construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises, station, wharf, electricity, postal, urban construction, landscape, pave, etc.

                There are some things in front of the small crane operations may be some small crane driver is not very clear, here small make up to you about:

                1. Arrived at the job site, don't busy with work, should first take a look at the situation, understand the scene the hardness of the ground, bearing strength, surface slope, etc.
                2. Before lifting objects, to know the weight of the lifting objects, small crane operating position, with an obstacle in the process of lifting is not no, lifting position and so on.
                3. In the small crane position at the bottom of the leg work mat solid wood, for body to adjust the rear can work steadily.

                A lot of people in a hurry when operation, easy to ignore these problems, causing a lot of shouldn't have happened, I hope you pay more attention later, in order to avoid the happening of the accident.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd. Is China's domestic engaged in the narrow space with mini crawler crane production research of professional manufacturers.Company production of mini crawler crane with independent intellectual property rights, patent number: ZL 2009 2009 X.And has a number of mini crawler crane patent production technology.Products are mainly used in the narrow space of the car engine workshop equipment maintenance, electric power maintenance, chemical workshop maintenance, building curtain wall installation, the construction of the high speed rail station, and cemetery stone industry situations in the narrow space.If you are interested in our products, please contact us, the hotline: 0371-6371, 6261

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