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                What should be paid attention to when the small crane wire rope is replaced?

                Wire rope as Small crane One of the indispensable parts of lifting objects, wire rope wear after how should change?Here small make up to introduce the small crane rope replacement requirements:

                1. New steel wire rope should be with the original length of wire rope and the type, and the specification, and, if the different types, also want to ensure the performance of the new wire rope is not lower than the performance of the old, and match the reel and pulley groove.
                2. Wire rope establishment direction must be consistent with the reel sheave rotating direction, should also be set when single layer winding rope guide (or reel) to prevent the rope.
                3. Replace the small crane rope from the wire rope scroll wire rope knot should prevent its distortion.
                4. The section of steel wire rope to handle, with fine wire, prevent the cross section of the rope loose.

                Small crane rope at the time of normal work does not generally occur suddenly rupture, however, as the long time use wire rope wear and fatigue and other factors, also broken rope accident will happen.So the wire rope inspection and maintenance is very important.

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