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                Do you know the 3 mistakes in maintenance of small crane?

                Small crane maintenance is a vast owners and drivers should be aware of things, and extend the service life of small crane is lower the cost of the small crane, but there are some misconceptions about small crane maintenance, not everyone know, so small crane maintenance knowledge is necessary.Here small make up just tell you something about 3 big misconceptions about small crane maintenance.

                1. A/change together
                  More car owners and drivers in the small crane operation, found the little crane idle speed has a problem, may be the first reaction is to go to a health requirements, the replacement of a/think/in a new, small crane running is no problem.Actually completely unnecessary, shop maintenance personnel generally will not refuse such a request, after all, you can earn more money.
                  Because of the small crane/change request is inconsistent, it is not necessary to change together.From a professional point of view, the air filter is in commonly 30000 kilometers need to be replaced, only after the machine filter generally need to be replaced only after 5000 kilometers, the air filter is in commonly 10000 kilometers before I need to be replaced.If the change can produce unnecessary waste.And at the time of change a /, in addition to the above data as according to consider the environmental climate factors of work area, if not often use small cranes, completely in all, there is no need to a/only oil change and machine filter.
                2. Oil filled
                  Many owners and drivers know the oil lack when using small crane can cause damage to the car, but most people don't know the oil too much is not good, too.If add too much oil, engine crankshaft, connecting rod big end handle when working in the intense agitation occurs, it will not only increase the internal engine power loss, also can make the increase in the number of the oil splashed onto the cylinder wall, happened to burn oil situation.Yet many car owners and drivers are easy to oil adding too many mistakes, so small crane added must be in accordance with the standard oil, excess oil to add harmful.
                3. Wax too frequently
                  Many love clean, the owner will often to wax the car, think that this is not afraid of acid rain or snow, but also can make the car paint dazzle, but do not know frequently wax can bring great damage to the car.Waxing can bring damage to the car paint, due to some rich in alkaline material in the wax, long-term use can make the body.

                These small error is small crane, caused by excessive maintenance is not blind maintenance small crane, if you have any doubt should be consulting professionals, the query information online or by calling the after-sales.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd. is China's domestic engaged in the narrow space with mini crawler crane production research of professional manufacturers.Company production of mini crawler crane with independent intellectual property rights, patent number: ZL 2009 2009 X.And has a number of mini crawler crane patent production technology.Products are mainly used in the narrow space of the car engine workshop equipment maintenance, electric power maintenance, chemical workshop maintenance, building curtain wall installation, the construction of the high speed rail station, and cemetery stone industry situations in the narrow space.If you are interested in our products, please contact us, the hotline: 0371-6371, 6261

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