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                Some operational specifications for small cranes.

                With the development of the society, the construction of the city is changing.Construction project is also more and more,Small crane also play a huge role in it.Small crane is a kind of special operation of mechanical equipment, is known as a small crane.Now more and more small crane appeared in various construction projects, however small crane operation correctly and safely is the key to ensure the safety of vehicle operation, here small make up will introduce you to some small crane related safety operation specification:

                1. Small crane to regular maintenance inspection, to ensure that every small crane when working in a state of health.
                2. Small crane driver must undergo training learning and assessment by obtaining relevant certificates.
                3. Familiar with small crane operation and matters needing attention, familiar with all the signs and warning signs, to calculate actual or judge small crane hoisting capacity.
                4. Know how to do safe traction rope on lifting heavy objects, joint operations, know how to divide the lifting weights in accordance with all relevant and matters needing attention.
                5. After the completion of the work or suspend operation should be according to the operation manual for the correct operation.Do not under the condition of the lifting heavy objects hung up leave the driving position, it is strictly prohibited lifting heavy weights dangling long time.

                Small crane related safety operation specification is to introduce, hope today's content can help you.If there is any omission or inadequate please leave a message, communicate with each other to strengthen learning.

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