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                HOME >  SUPPORT >  PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE > Cause the small crane engine water temperature is too high.
                Cause the small crane engine water temperature is too high.

                Small cranes commonly known as Small crane, small crane jib, turntable, rack, leg and other parts.Transformer, scaling, rotating, lifting through institutions such as the action to realize the small crane mechanical action, through different combination of lifting operation action of special mechanical equipment.Here small make up to introduce the engine temperature is too high to everyone how to check:

                1. In the process of small and medium-sized crane engine sudden high temperature short time, the first thing to check the radiator, see if there is a problem radiator, secondly in check and see if it is cooling water circulation system malfunctioned, such as fracture, water scarcity, fan belt fan fault doesn't work, etc.
                2. Found in the process of operation after the water temperature rise slowly, should first go door to improve the engine speed, observe whether the filler to water cooling water circulation system, if the water mouth a lot of water, cooling water circulation system radiator non-uniform temperature, the cooling water circulation system of pipeline jam or pipe scale caused by too much.Suggestions after downtime, clean up the cooling water circulation system of pipes, clean up again after finishing homework.
                3. There is another kind of circumstance is the working environment, the influence of homework in high temperature environment pay particular attention to the radiator and cooling water circulation system.Try not to appear the phenomenon of water scarcity, outdoor open-air continuous operation at high temperature, pay particular attention to the change of water temperature, lest cause damage.

                In general, small crane is the most common engine temperature radiator, cooling water circulation system failed.Specific screening according to the actual situation.Hope these can help to you.

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