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                HOME >  SUPPORT >  PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE > What is the safety check before the small crane operation?
                What is the safety check before the small crane operation?

                Small crane is commonly known as the small crane, is by the lifting beam, turntable, frame, leg and other parts.Transformer, scaling, rotating, lifting through institutions such as the action to realize the small crane mechanical action, realize lifting operation, through the combination of different actions is a kind of intermittent operation of special machinery and equipment, before using crane safety check what to do?Here small make up just to introduce the small crane operations under some of the inspection before project:

                1. Check the health condition of the crane, parts, components, screw bolts, welding parts, hydraulic system, lifting system, etc.
                2. Check whether the quality of the fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil using standard, adequacy of the water in the cooling water system, tank of adequacy, etc.
                3. Check the tire pressure, caterpillar, guide wheel is normal, the lever is flexible.
                4. Check whether floor surface hardness, impact small crane lifting operation.
                5. Divide the operational areas, completes the safety measures, set up barriers or observer, communication instruction and controllers.

                General crane project there are a lot of work needs to be checked before, above is a must to check, hope that we will pay more attention to prevent, reduce or avoid the happening of the accident.

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