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                What should a small crane do at low temperatures?

                Winter temperatures compared to, yes Small crane normal use will produce certain effect.Such as engine starting difficulties, work ability, parts prone to wear and so on, here small make up just introduce everyone to low temperatures should take the measures:

                1. Enhancement to add 80 ° C in the warm water machine cooling water circulation system (tank), add water and drainage to eliminate the water temperature of hot no longer stop the drainage, waiting for the engine water jacket water temperature and the temperature of the cylinder block is almost the same time will be ready to start the engine.And oil can also be preheated, will the car's engine oil emit heat with metalware once again to join, lubricating effect and reduce the role of crank shaft running resistance.Preheat the engine oil is important to note, don't damage to the engine oil in the process of heating.
                2. On the intake pipe and exhaust pipe equipped with metal insulation cover, and can use the exhaust pipe heat preheating mixture.Not only can improve the low-temperature startup performance, but also can improve the engine in hot bad situation existing in the operation process.
                3. As the change of season, diesel will be replaced in time, in the low temperature cold season with low freezing point diesel, it can effectively improve the performance of the engine start at low temperature and increase the power of the engine.If there is no diesel replacement and adopting preheating measures to improve the high solidifying point diesel fuel atomization situation, can only the engine's exhaust pipe connect a tube through by eliminating gas preheating fuel tank.
                4. Machine battery to charge, keeping the electrolyte density in 1.28 in order to ensure the battery discharge capacity.Adjust the generator regulator, the improvement of appropriate amount of charging generator, voltage higher than normal temperature is 0.6 V.
                5. Want in a timely manner to change engine oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, oil in winter, thereby improve engine low temperatures start difficult situation.
                6. Pay attention to the protection of the cooling water circulation system, should be timely waterproof after downtime or join fangdongye, so as to avoid condensation of the water in the pipe blockage.

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