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                Small crane hydraulic oil temperature high how to do?

                Small crane in the process of operation for the environment or external factors causing hydraulic oil temperature is too high, influence the crane lifting performance, should be dealt with in time otherwise it may affect the normal operation, cause an accident.

                Here small make up will introduce you to meet this kind of situation to do:

                1. Hot summer outdoor work or is where the heat is too close for a long time continuous operation can cause the hydraulic oil temperature is too high, this time should be timely downtime, increase air convection, replacement of the water in the water cooling system to achieve the purpose of cooling.
                2. Bad work fails, hydraulic oil cooler can also cause the oil temperature is too high.Should stop in time, and carefully check, troubleshooting and start to continue operation.
                3. Hydraulic system design is unreasonable, processing or connected with defects can also cause the oil temperature is too high.If this is the case can only be transformed, such as adding the radiator or increase the pipe diameter.
                4. The hydraulic oil's own causes of high oil temperature.This kind of circumstance to timely replacement of hydraulic oil.Hydraulic tank generally will have an air filter, his role is filtration of dust in the air, after the replacement of oil pump or motor, must remember to clean the hydraulic tank and filter.
                5. Hydraulic system into the air caused by high oil temperature.Used in the hydraulic system of hydraulic oil compressibility small, in general, its influence can be neglected.But low pressure air compressibility is very big, about 10000 times of hydraulic oil.So even if the system contains a small amount of air, its influence and harm is very big.Because the dissolved air in the hydraulic oil from oil at low pressure in escape, bubbles, the formation of cavitation, in high pressure under the action of the bubbles and is soon to shoot, sharply by compression will release a lot of heat.Small crane hydraulic oil mixed with a large amount of air is easy to make oil deterioration, lower the service life of oil.So must pay attention to prevent the air into the hydraulic system.The main cause of air into the hydraulic system has the following several aspects: sealed pipe joint or hydraulic component, local pressure below atmospheric pressure, make the air into the system.Tank of the diaphragm is damaged, make the oil prone to bubbles inside the fuel tank;After replacement of new oil or maintenance of the hydraulic system didn't put the air discharge;Due to the line after the oil tank oil level is too low.

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