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                What about the small crane leaking oil?

                In Small crane in the use process, the owner and the driver will meet this problem, more or less small crane leak?Actually small crane oil spill is one of the common fault phenomena, but it is very common affect small crane operation quality and efficiency.So if found small crane oil must be handled in time, below small make up to you to introduce how to avoid this situation happened:

                1. Oil seal aging
                  Use small crane for a long time, but I do not pay attention to the inspection and maintenance, small crane aging oil seal is easily damaged, lose elasticity, sealing, leakage situation, in this case to replace the new oil seal in time, and regular inspection.
                2. The interface problem
                  Small crane on all kinds of tubing interface must be carefully check, prepare seal measures.
                3. Screw loose
                  All kinds of screw nut on the small crane must tighten in accordance with the requirements, in order to avoid gasket pressure leakage phenomenon.
                4. Packing problem
                  At the time of maintenance, should pay attention to check whether the seal is damaged, if worn out to replace in a timely manner, so as not to appear leakage phenomenon.

                Generally, small crane leak is due to these reasons.Do not know to have help to you?If there is a wrong place, you are welcome to correct, exchange experiences with each other.

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                Products are mainly used in the narrow space of the car engine workshop equipment maintenance, electric power maintenance, chemical workshop maintenance, building curtain wall installation, the construction of the high speed rail station, and cemetery stone industry situations in the narrow space.If you are interested in our products, please call: 0371 6371 6261

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