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                Small crane hydraulic lock how to reasonable and effective maintenance?

                With the development of the society, all kinds of construction projects, the existence of the hoisting machinery equipment is now popular in the market.In some special environments and site, large crane cantilever crane had no way to work,Small crane to use, small crane here small make up just to tell you about the hydraulic lock is how to make reasonable and effective maintenance and to prolong its service life, reduce the security hidden danger.

                1. Check on both sides of the hydraulic lock screw plug and the seal leaks oil pipe and so on, if found leakage shall promptly replace o-rings.
                2. Check if the spring break, fatigue or permanent deformation.
                3. Check whether control piston surface scratches, grooves are dirt fill and level up, whether seal failure.
                4. Check whether there is one-way valve core cylinder outside burr, scratch, freely moving within the valve sleeve.
                5. Check the check valve cone valve core and valve seat seal are in good condition.Because the seal between the one-way valve core and valve seat cone are in good condition, is the key to ensure hydraulic lock seal oil.
                  Check valve seal cone of the valve core maintenance standards: one-way valve core cone has visible but the dent discontinuous or have two-tone dent, showed that poor contact, shall be replaced;If the contact surface is only a homogeneous continuous shallow traces, good contact.
                6. Check valve set inside circle and seat for scratch, wear is serious.

                Above is compiled by small make up on the Internet about the small crane maintenance knowledge of hydraulic lock, hopes to be helpful to the owners and drivers.

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