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                Small crane how to safely use during the summer?

                Along with the advance of social development, the industry demand for lifting equipment is also growing.The crane manufacturer to promote the efficiency of production is also in focus,Small crane Basic skills in operation and maintenance of agree is also the owner and the driver must want to know, small crane here small make up just to tell you about how to safely in hot summer and reasonable operation:


                1. To strengthen the inspection of small crane cooling system maintenance work.Must be regularly check the cooling fan belt, adjusted to moderately elastic, if found to have failed to timely replacement.Regularly replace the cooling water, cleaning the radiator and scale and sediment in the water tank.
                2. Small crane engine lubricating oil to replace for greater viscosity lubricating oil, transmission, steering gear and gear reducer with greater viscosity gear oil also want to change.
                3. Summer when the dry air dust is bigger, so it is important to note that the air filter, fuel tank and fuel filter maintenance, otherwise, will accelerate wear parts.
                4. Check and adjust the density of the battery electrolyte level, the density of the electrolyte is smaller than during the winter, and because the outside temperature is high, so check often filled with distilled water.And keep the vent open.
                5. If it is a small crane wheel must pay special attention to for the maintenance of the tire, pay particular attention to the pressure of the tire in the hot summer, so as to avoid a blowout.

                Above is compiled by small make up on the Internet about the small crane for the safe use of knowledge in the summer, hope to help the owners and drivers.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd. is China's domestic engaged in the narrow space with mini crawler crane production research of professional manufacturers.The company produces the mini crawler crane with independent intellectual property rights, and has a number of mini crawler crane patent production technology.

                Products are mainly used in the narrow space of the car engine workshop equipment maintenance, electric power maintenance, chemical workshop.

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