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                Small crane gear box overheating how to do?

                Along with the advance of social economic development, and from all walks of life is also more and more demand for hoisting machinery equipment, cranes in each project has played a major role, replacing the traditional pulley hoisting more safety and more efficiency.However in the large crane cannot enter special field or not, how to do?Step families professional research and development of science and technology of small crane with a director.Must pay attention to the small crane and large cranes maintenance work.Otherwise will cause unnecessary economic losses, have more very person will cause safety accidents.Here small make up to you about small crane gear box temperature overheating is what reason is caused?Suit the remedy to the case to resolve the problem, ensure the safe operation of crane.

                Small crane gear box overheating how to do?

                Gear box generally are sealed, if gear box can't normal heat dissipation, temperature rising again will seriously affect the normal work of the small crane.Light person gearbox scrap, or cause safety accidents.Gear box of heat dissipation is heavily dependent on oil.Causes of gearbox temperature too high can generally fall into two kinds, I call it the soft and hard factors:

                • Soft factors is the lubricating oil, lubricating oil too little or too much will affect the gear box of the cooling effect, so be sure to add.The quality of the lubricating oil is also on the one hand, to consider if it is found that lubricating oil viscosity drops or impurities must be replaced immediately, also pay attention to the choice of lubricating oil, not covet is cheap, in favor of the inferior lubricant or once a minor malfunction gearbox scrap or cause potential safety hazard, buy inferior oil loss is caused by a lot of times, not worth!
                • Hard factors is the hardware part, such as bearings and gears.Bearing installed too close, the rotation is not flexible, inside and outside the circle rotate at the same time, not timely replacement of wear and tear or damage to the bearings of the gear box will cause temperature too high.Gear gap is too small, gear wheels is not correct, the gear defect will cause the gear contact part between metal friction intensified, leading to raise the temperature of gear box.Solution is generally hard factors change the new parts.

                Above is compiled by small make up on the Internet small crane gear box temperature of some relevant knowledge, hopes to be helpful to the owners and drivers.

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