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                HOME >  SUPPORT >  PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE > What causes the small crane boom out of the arm slow?
                What causes the small crane boom out of the arm slow?
                Small cranein use process, some owners and driver will meet the arm crane boom special slow, this is what reason is caused?Here small make up to introduce a few small crane arm out what are the reasons for slow?
                1. Check out the top of the arm balancing valve.Balancing valve jam, damaged or not work properly can cause small crane arm slowly.
                  Solution: dredge balancing valve or replace new balance valve.
                2. Check out the arm tube.The arm tube leakage can also cause little crane arm out slowly.
                  Solution: remove the big arm, replace the tube.
                3. Check hydraulic pressure of the hydraulic oil tank.Hydraulic oil quantity too little, can cause stress, this is one of the cause of little crane arm out slowly.
                  Solution: add the right amount of hydraulic oil, avoid by all means is not too much, right amount.
                4. Check the hydraulic oil pump.If small crane use after a long time, aging of hydraulic pump or performance degradation, also can cause small crane arm slowly.
                  Solution: can the trim, new pump can't fix it will change in time.

                Above is compiled by small make up on the Internet small crane arm slow reason and solution, hopes to be helpful to the owners and drivers.

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