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                Which is more important to small crane price and quality?

                With the development of the society, all walks of life demand for hoisting machinery equipment is also more and more big,Small crane is a special kind of engineering machinery, widely used in some large cranes can not enter indoor or narrow space.Look from the appearance of small parts of crane is smaller than large cranes, crane cost of ordinary people think it will be lower, do this is to make money, the most direct embodiment of is more and more small crane manufacturer.

                The birth of many small crane manufacturers, however, it followed the small crane quality is uneven, and even some manufacturers have no production license, not to mention the material of small crane itself as well as the technical and safety.Thought just imitate is ok, it does not seem to be the case.

                Look from the price, some small crane manufacturers price is very low, and normal manufacturer of small crane by more than half, and is not very good customer see will feel good, very cheap, can, can hoisting.Just bought this unqualified small crane.You can think about it, the small crane why looking at the same price difference will be so much?Obvious is the compression cost, no manufacturer will do lose money business.Then the comparison of each other, your low price I'm lower than you.So that the quality of the small crane metal materials a drop down again, to look good, in fact, completely unable to support small crane safe operation.To sum up, small crane manufacturer to compression of the cost of producing the end result is to produce a batch of seemingly good "scrap car".

                From a security perspective, can small crane quality and safe construction has a direct relationship.Often focus on news of friends may see say small crane decoupling accident, small cranes rope accident, small cranes rope accident, small, small crane crane jib crane hook broken accident fracture accident and so on.This series of accidents, in the final analysis the reason is that the quality of the small crane does not pass, low technical.Some manufacturers only fake formal small cranes, crane manufacturers did not own technical development team, the pitfalls can't found in time.Originally should not happen accident, causing unnecessary casualties and economic losses.

                So to buy small crane must to regular, have a production license, enterprise strength strongSmall crane manufacturerBuy it.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in 2009, bid for a Japanese industrial co., China factory is the earliest manufacturer of r&d small crane.Has its own technical team, strong.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd.  The production of mini crawler crane crane (spider) with independent intellectual property rights, and has several production patents, also passed the type test of national construction machinery quality supervision and inspection center and IS09001 certification, made the special equipment manufacturing license issued by the state, "high-tech enterprise", "family

                The skill type of small and medium-sized enterprises.Small crane manufacturer to assign step technology co., LTD., professional trustworthy.

                Zhengzhou Kebu Technology Co.,Ltd. Production of small crane consists of mini crawler crane crane (spider) and miniature wheeled crane (fork lift).Product tonnage is divided into 1 tons crawler crane, 3 tons crawler crane, 3 tons of wheel crane, 3 ton forklift truck crane, 5 tons crawler crane.Our technical team will also according to the market demand the development of new products, and constantly improve the existing products.Committed to providing customers with high quality, safe and reliable products at ease.

                If you are interested in our products, please call: 0371 63716261 13373912961

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