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                How to reasonably effective small crane engine maintenance?

                As is known to all, reasonable and effective maintenance is to prolong the life of small crane and guarantee Small crane  performance of the most effective method.After all, the price of the crane is a small but expensive, don't know the small crane maintenance, the first small crane performance is not guaranteed, and even cause safety accidents.Secondly small crane parts wear will increase, causing unnecessary economic losses.The last error maintenance way will even affect the normal operation of the small crane.

                Small crane is one of the most core part of the engine, rather then the heart of the small crane.So the small crane engine maintenance is particularly important.Here, how to reasonable and effective for small make up just to tell you about the engine of the small crane for maintenance:

                1. Do not use the bad oil, it is better to must choose quality meet the requirements of manufacturers of lubricating oil, depending on the type of the engine.
                2. Regular replacement of oil filter cartridge, after all, how high quality lubricating oil used for a long time, the oil of lubricating oil will change performance will decline, so should be lubricated regularly changing, and to ensure that the oil lubricating oil is moderate, not too much or too little.
                3. Keep the crankcase ventilation is good.Now many of the gasoline engine is equipped with the PCV valve, but channeling air pollutants in deposition around the PCV valve, is likely to make the PCV valve plug.Therefore, should be cleaned regularly pollutants around the PCV valve.If you have no don't have to consider the PCV valve is installed.
                4. Regular cleaning crank case.Engine in the process of operation, the high pressure of the combustion chamber unburned gas, acid, moisture, sulfur and nitrogen oxide through the clearance between piston ring and cylinder wall into the crankcase, and wear of the metal powder mixing, the formation of sludge.Therefore, we need to regularly to cleaning of crankcase, keep the engine inside clean.
                5. Regular cleaning fuel oil system, reduce the generation of carbon deposit, and can make the engine keep the best state.
                6. Regularly check cleaning tank engine.Engine water tank rust, scale is the most common problems.Rust and scale will limit the cooling fluid flow in the cooling system, reduce the heat dissipation effect, causes the engine overheating, even cause engine damage.

                Actually both engine and other parts should be regularly check the maintenance, only in this way can we keep a relatively small crane state of health, in this way can the small crane safe operation, and reasonable maintenance will extend the life of the small crane.

                The above content is compiled by small make up through the network about small crane engine maintenance skills, hope for the vast number of car owners and drivers' help.

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